Privacy Policy

You will supply with some personal information in your profile. We will use it appropriately.

You agree to the following:

  • Your contact information will be displayed so that buyers can contact you.
  • Your town or suburb will be displayed but not your private address.
  • Your telephone number will be available only to buyers who have logged in to the site.
  • Your email address will be kept private until you choose to respond to a buyer by email.
  • As a buyer, any personal and contact information you supply while contacting a seller will be shared with the seller.
  • No other information will be available to anyone except officials who will, in the ordinary course of their duties, have access to your account and therefore your personal information.
  • Our policy is not to give any information about our customers to anyone other than the account holder.
  • Requests by public officials (police etc) will be handled in confidence and information required will be handed to those officers only after official requests are submitted.  We have close relationships with the police, animal welfare and local government.