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We are a team of animal lovers who have created a better way for people in Australia to find a pet or find a FureverHome for the pets they breed.

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How It Works?

Furever Homes Verification

We will verify your identity and get more information about your breeding practices, to ensure that our breeder standards are met. Once you have been verified, you’re free to create ad listings.


You’ll be all set for interested buyers to contact you about your listing

Who we are

as pet owners, breeders and lovers we wanted to create a more ethical way to find and sell beautiful pets


When a breeder places an ad we verify their identity and important ethical breeding details so you can know your pets are coming from the best possible place.

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We want to connect like-minded ethical pet lovers and create a safe space for pets to find their FureverHomes.

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Have a question? feel free to contact us any time and we will reply as soon as possible.